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Cheryl Esposito, founder of Alexsa Consulting and Center for World Leadership is internationally recognized for coaching leaders to increase effectiveness, successfully navigate transitions, and expand their realm of possibilities. For more than twenty years, she has coached CEOs and senior executives, helping them learn to lead themselves in order to lead others. Her work facilitating leadership retreats, team development, strategic planning, and organizational change led her to what she believes is the critical success factor in any of these ventures: the consciousness of leaders—how they show up, how in synch with self they are, and how they are perceived by others. Cheryl’s clients most often come to her intent on developing into being a better leader. They soon understand the path to this outcome is "knowing how to know oneself."

"Honoring the person and their innate talent is key. My purpose is coaching leaders to build on their strengths and reach into their core of integrity. We work in a collaborative way to shape them and their work in the world."

Clients include CEO’s and leaders of various backgrounds and fields of expertise; from Fortune 500 companies to start up ventures. Her clients take their newly found self back into family life and community; the worlds of healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, sales, and nonprofits just to name a few.

Cheryl holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Social Work from the University of Southern California, which provided her with a strong foundation and expertise in human behavior, organizational systems, workplace dynamics, and team and individual development. Her experience of the world’s cultures and a love of working with those who want more in life have long contributed to her success.

"I am doing what I love most: inspiring the true self to be realized. It is an honor and a privilege to work with others in this way."

THE CENTER FOR WORLD LEADERSHIP is the fruition of a long-held desire to take people to the next step of their personal development: contributing to the world. Today there are many places to give one’s time, expertise and energy. There are not so many places to come together with the intent of creating a new way of looking at the world. Over the years I have experienced the power of a simple conversation. I have seen it completely change the strategy of a large organization, create collaboration where none was thought possible, influence the direction of a person’s entire life.

In 1995, I was in Beijing, China at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. It was amazing to be part of conversations with women from all around the world, sharing their stories of challenge, achievement, joy and grief. In these one to one encounters, problems were solved, new ideas were birthed, plans for collaboration were made, and connections for a lifetime were created. These were women from all worlds, from 1st to 4th world countries. These were people who were there to change something: to learn, share, collaborate and connect in order to make a difference in the world. They were big thinkers. They knew that things could be different. Today many of the projects that began as conversations at that conference in 1995 have had significant positive impact on the quality of life and economic standing for many people in villages, cities, and cultures around the world. And it all began with a conversation. So, go ahead. Think big…the world could be a better place because of a conversation that matters.


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